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The sheer force of high winds can destroy buildings, topple trees onto a home or business. Intense storms can uproot trees and knock down power lines causing power outages. When flying debris, twigs, small limbs, and a few larger dead or weak branches break are added to the mix. The potential for significant structural damage is even greater.


Hazards & Treats to human safety from flying objects are larger dangers than most realize. Each year, people across the country are killed or seriously injured by falling trees and flying debris. It's one reason why it is important for residents and businesses to assess their property before severe weather season to ensure that landscaping and trees do not become a wind hazard. Trees should be pruned each spring to remove dead and weak branches.


Looking for a storm cleanup company to purge your residential or commercial property of debris left after a severe storm wreaked havoc in Guilford County? Contact Guilford Tree Service to schedule your FREE damage cleanup estimate. We offer the most efficient, comprehensive and professional storm cleanup & debris removal service.


Benefits of Using Emergency Storm Cleanup Service

We ensure these affected trees are carefully removed from the home to prevent it from wrecking havoc that will make you incur extra repair expenses. One exceptional ability of the Guilford Tree Services is the provision of professional advice from our tree technicians to help you with tips on actions to take in case of another occurrence of a windstorm

Extensive Site Evaluation
Debris Management Clean-up.
Precision Tree Trimming & Pruning.
Efficient Damaged Tree Removal & Lot Clearing.
Prompt Disaster recovery; Emergency assistance.