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Trees add an aura of freshness and beauty to residential and commercial structures. Other expenses come with the maintenance of these trees as they must be placed under constant surveillance to ensure they are not posing a threat to the lives of people around them. Trees, left unchecked can be a source of hazard to the lives and properties situated around them.


That is why it is necessary to engage the services of a reputable company like Guilford Tree Services Inc. to help ascertain the level of strength of a tree and confirm if its existence is not a disaster waiting to happen someday. The Guilford Tree Services based in the Guilford County is committed to providing evaluation services on trees planted in North Carolina and its environs which expand to Asheboro, Old Town, Greensboro, Julian, High Point, etc.


Our purpose is to discover trees that could wreck havoc and expose the parts that need to be pruned or recommend it for total cutting if there is no need to keep it. For instance, tree's limbs can stretch to the point of reaching electric cables which can serve as a contact for electrocution. Contact Guilford Tree Service Today for FREE Hazardous Tree Removal estimate!


Key Benefits of Hazardous Tree Removal Service

Our team is available to check the tree and recommend it for trimming and make the environment safe for human existence.

  Thorough hazardous tree assessment.
  Safe removal of potential hazard tree.
 Effective removal defective tree branches.
  Long term plans to make your tree stronger & healthier
  Allround certified and insured tree technicians.